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In 2015 The Halifax Educational Foundation (HEF) changed its name to the Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation (SVHEF) to better correlate with its supporting role for the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC); the Foundation is the primary benefactor for the SVHEC.  The SVHEF is an independent, 501(c) (3) foundation whose mission is to empower individuals to reach their full potential by providing access to educational opportunities, promoting awareness of the benefits of education and working to make education more affordable.

With this name change the Foundation formally and appropriately recognized its ever expanding geographical and financial role in supporting the SVHEC.   For quite some time the Foundation has been more regionally focused and this name change attests to that approach.  Our roots are here in Halifax County, and we will be ever thankful for the support of its citizens who made the SVHEC a reality.

In fiscal year 2014, the SVHEC served 3,364 students of which fully 17% are from the 15 counties surrounding Halifax County.  This reach was further extended and formalized when the Tobacco Commission awarded the Center of Excellence designation to the SVHEC.  With that, the SVHEC was tasked with directly serving 11 counties:  Brunswick, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Greenville, Halifax, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, Pittsylvania, and Prince Edward Counties.  Due to the success of the SVHEC and its partners, our geographical horizons have expanded to the entire Southern Virginia region.  Both alphabetically and geographically Halifax County is in the center of it all, but we needed to move beyond our Halifax roots.

The decision to change the Foundation’s name was reached after thorough research and more than a year of study and evaluation.  The Foundation has taken a long hard look at its focus and operation.  In doing so, it became clear that we have a wider scope of operations than in the past.

We developed a new logo that, while it pays homage to the old logo, fully represents our origins and our future.  When we began nearly 30 years ago, we identified three key areas of focus, affectionately called the three A’s:  develop access to education, promote awareness of the need for education, and make education affordable.  We remain true to the three A’s:  the red in the logo represents the bricks and mortar that the Foundation has acquired and renovated, signifying “Access”.  The yellow represents “Awareness” for education, so needed to compete in today’s marketplace.  The green in the logo signifies the funds raised for student scholarships which make attending more “Affordable”.  These three colors, representing the tenets of our Foundation, rest on a firm Foundation.

Our work hasn’t changed, only expanded.

Our new tagline says it all:  ‘Success begins with a strong Foundation.’


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icon yellowProviding Access, Awareness and Affordability

Each year, more and more students are seeking access to non-traditional modes of post-secondary education. Southern Virginia students need accessible and affordable instructional programs in healthcare, business, technology, as well as the arts and sciences.

Thanks to the vision and ongoing support of the SVHEF, the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) in South Boston, VA has provided for student needs in Southern Virginia for more than 25 years.

Our most recent annual report summary can be viewed below. Click Here to download a hard copy.

Statement of Activities July 2016 to June 2017

Fundraising Activity
   Cash Contributions 
   Pledged Funds Collected
   Expenses Deducted from Contributions
Operational Income
   Income from Rent
   Dividends and Interest
Operational Expenses
   Building Maintenance
   Salaries & Benefits
   SVHEC Support
   Facilities Operation Support




Expenditures from Rental Income

The SVHEF owns and maintains the buildings that house the SVHEC, at an annual cost of $96,946, plus facilities operation support costs of $41,321

Rental Income Expenditures

SVHEC Support
Salaries & Benefits
Building Maintenance
Facilities Operation Support







chart rental income

Breakdown of SVHEC Support

Scholarships (7%)
Fundraising Expense (6%)
Grant Match (13%)
Professional Services (29%)
SVHEF Staff Support of SVHEC (37%)
Building Insurance (8%)




chart svhec expenditures 2017


icon greenMaking Education Affordable

The SCHOLARSHIP/ EDUCATIONAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM provides scholarships/financial assistance to students enrolled at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center. It is available to all applicants in all areas of study to include but not limited to the following programs:

  • Job Training
  • Vocational
  • Nursing
  • Nurse aid
  • Graduate and Teachers

Your application may qualify you for several different scholarships offered by the Southern Virginia Halifax Education Foundation, Inc.

Am I Eligible?

Before submitting an application, all applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Enrolled in a program or admitted to the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Demonstrate financial need and good citizenship.
  • Apply for State & Federal Assistance by completing the FAFSA Application (not required for certificate programs, for example, welding)

The scholarship must be used in the intended year of study or must request an extension. Incomplete applications or applications received after deadlines will not be reviewed.

How Can I Apply?

All scholarship applicants must submit a completed application and the following required documentation (must accompany the application):

Recent High School graduates:
1. Official high school transcript if recent graduate and, if applicable, college transcript
2. Personal Statement/Essay stating career goals and aspirations
3. Letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor and/or teacher.
4. One character reference letter (from a non-family member)

Adult/Continuing Education students:
1. Current college transcript
2. Personal Statement/Essay stating career goals and aspirations
3. Letter of recommendation (from a non family member)
4. One character reference letter (from a non-family member)

APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED April 1 to July 10. If mailing, postmark no later than July 10.

FAXED applications or applications lacking required documentation WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

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