The history of Southern Virginia includes tobacco farming and textile work, neither of which required advanced education; however, with the loss of these jobs, as a region we need to look toward employment options that require more specialized training.

SVHEC ExteriorThe SVHEC has worked with area employers, government and has used research studies to develop programs based on regional needs today and in the future. 

The SVHEC has it all, from GED to PhD

and we want to make sure everyone knows of these available options –whether they are seeking a degree or acquiring a certificate in their chosen field.  The SVHEC and the Foundation have already changed the economic environment.

Our ability to increase the awareness of educational opportunities depends on investor funding from people like you.

Your donations help us to distribute Newsletters, support SVHEC educational programs, its marketing program to students and participate in outreach opportunities within the 12 county region commonly called “Southern Virginia”.  Our goal is to make everyone within Southern Virginia seek to empower themselves through education, after all, Knowledge is power.


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