The SVHEC worked with public education to service everySVHECunderconstruction individual no matter their place on the educational ladder, truly G.E.D. to PhD.  The SVHEC also provides need-based workforce education which came as a result of direct conversations with local business, addressing their actual skill needs and providing directed job training.  The SVHEC did this through regional community colleges, public institutions and private colleges/universities.

The SVHEC is a marketplace where the individual can access multiple programs from multiple vendors, but all housed in one local, convenient place.  This nimble, flexible model allows the individual and industry to establish what is needed, not a bureaucratic educational institution.  The competition to address the needs of those accessing the marketplace makes everyone stronger.


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The Foundation is pleased to have been able to provide the housing for this marketplace called the SVHEC.  It first acquired the Export Leaf Tobacco Warehouse and renovated it in stages through grants and donations to fulfill the needs of the Center.  When that building was at capacity, the Foundation acquired a second building and renovated it to the energy conscious standards of the Green Buildings Council to house our R&D Center and many of the Workforce Services programs.




The Foundation has truly created a modern home for the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center all the while preserving some of the rich cultural heritage of the area. 

Allowing students access to higher education at the local level opens opportunities to many more individuals.  Not only are southern Virginia residents empowered to seek higher education, they can make use of local options.

Access is key.