SVHEF Awards 2017 Scholarships to Students at SVHEC

SVHEF 2017 scholarship award recipientsThe Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation (Foundation) and its sponsors awarded 10 scholarships on August 28 to students at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC). The awards ceremony was held in the Foundation’s suite at the SVHEC in South Boston. Following the ceremony, the recipients and their families were honored with a reception.

“Awarding scholarships to deserving students directly supports the mission of the Foundation,” said Linda Owen, Scholarship Committee Chair. The Foundation exists to empower individuals to reach their full potential. The Foundation pursues this vision through the awareness of and accessibility to affordable education. Our objective is to enhance the educational opportunities available to the citizens of Southern Virginia.

This year marks the 13th consecutive year in which the Foundation has awarded scholarships to outstanding students. “It is a pleasure for the Foundation to award the various scholarships to these very deserving individuals. We are elated to be able to support so many outstanding students as they further their education and pursue their dreams,” said Owen.

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This American Town Was Left to Die, and Suddenly Economists Care

Despite excellent job reports, parts of America have been in recession for years. Until recently, economics ignored inequality.

Historic Downtown South Boston, VA


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By Craig Torres
August 7, 2017, 5:00 AM EDT

Suppose a bunch of economists were to show up in the Virginia town of South Boston to preach the benefits of free trade. How would local people react?

In an old, red-brick tobacco warehouse near the Dan River, W.W. “Ted” Bennett Jr. ponders the question. The former state delegate looks over his shoulder, squints a bit, then says with southern understatement: “I think it would be pretty rough.”

After decades of hewing to free-market fundamentalism on everything from trade to deregulation, mainstream economists are waking up to the distributional consequences of the policies they’ve championed. In towns such as South Boston, the profession’s newfound empathy is probably too little, too late.

The community of about 8,000 people in Halifax County lost manufacturing jobs, of course, but that’s not all. One source of family income after another disappeared. Some of the results are visible at street level: closed car dealerships, empty downtown storefronts. Others aren’t: a shrinking workforce (in Halifax County, down by almost one-quarter since the early 1990s) and tax base; missed payments to hospitals and stores.

In effect, a rolling recession that’s lasted the better part of two decades.

Both American political parties held power during that time, and both pursued a policy mix—endorsed by cutting-edge economics—that’s become known as neoliberalism. Welfare budgets were cut, social programs were scrapped, big finance was given free rein. Above all, the economy was opened up to trade with China and Mexico.

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Portrait, plaque mark Ted Bennett’s service to county, education

A celebration spotlighting W. W. “Ted” Bennett Jr.’s years of service to the county and its educational goals brought out a high-profile crowd Thursday afternoon to the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center — celebrities from county and local government and stars from a statewide community of educators.

Bennett was being honored for his years of service to the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center and the Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation.

The room was crowded and in high spirits.

Bennett was hailed as “a better deal-maker than Donald Trump…who has nothing on this guy,” as local luminaries spoke to his leadership success during his 12-year tenure as a delegate in Richmond, as well as stints on the Virginia Advanced Study Strategies and the Virginia Math and Science Coalition.

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SVHEF Acquires the former R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Building

The Community Arts Center Foundation, Inc. (CACF/The Prizery) and the Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation, Inc. (SVHEF) are pleased to announce an Agreement between the two parties, whereby the SVHEF will acquire the former R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company building from the CACF more commonly known as “The Prizery”.  This facility will continue to be operated by the CACF as The Prizery through a lease agreement with the SVHEF.

BACKGROUND  -  Years ago, when the SVHEF (then the HEF) first envisioned a college campus in South Boston for Halifax County and citizens of the Southern Virginia region, the repurposing of the buildings on the hill overlooking the Dan River became

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