Sherrita Clark is like many people wanting a college education, but unfortunately find it difficult to secure funding. After achieving several degrees, more education was critical for her to reach her career goals. Click for more of Sherrita’s story.

“I followed my passion- it feels good to achieve what you strive for,” said Tony Chappell.  Tony earned his welding certificate in the Spring of 2022.  Read more of his story click here.


“I want to help people find help”, said Bobbie Goodman.

It was nearly two decades ago when Bobbie Goodman dropped out of college and began punching the time clock at the local factories.  She worked alongside her mother and other relatives to make ends meet for the family. Learn more about Bobbie and her pursuit for a degree in Human Services here.

Stacy Powell joined the Comfort Systems USA MidAtlantic in 2017.  Following four years of service to the company, Stacy made the decision to earn his certification in HVAC.

Paul Foster was recently hired by Comfort Systems USA MidAtlantic after completing the HVAC workforce training program at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center in the Spring of 2022.  Since 2016, Paul has worked in the heating and air industry.

Carl “CJ” Cole enrolled in the HVAC program Fall 2022 and in June 2023 he will have his certification.