Welcome back to your future.  It’s another Fall setting with students gearing up to start or continue focusing on their career goals at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) located in Downtown South Boston.  Most classes are due to start Monday August 22, 2022, however there are additional classes starting over the next two months.

  As a way to help lighten the student’s out of pocket expenses, scholarships are a definite way to pursue financial assistance.  The Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation has just awarded over $16,000 in scholarships for the Fall 2022 semester.  The Foundation offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students enrolled at SVHEC.

This Fall, the Foundation received twenty-five scholarship applications. Due to multiple student financial assistance programs, the Foundation was able to award 14 applicants with a scholarship.

The Foundation Scholarships go through a process, “the Foundation scholarships are approved based on the student’s financial need once all other assisting programs including state and federal financial opportunities are awarded, and verified,” said SVHEF Associate Director of Philanthropy Liza Futon.

 Fortunately, state and federal funding is available for young students. The amount of financial aid allocated per student is limited and can easily be exhausted if your life changes directions.

“Some students had to put their dreams on hold, to raise a family or work full-time to enable their children to receive a college education.  By eliminating the financial struggle in one major way a Foundation scholarship saves some headaches, ” said Fulton.

In other instances, it becomes more difficult for students to return to college because they make too much money to be eligible for financial aid.  At the Foundation, doors of opportunity are available, but just need to be explored, explained, and opened.  The Foundation wants to help be the wind beneath a student’s wing in an effort to achieve a degree, certificate, license, or other types of workforce training.

The Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for college degrees and workforce training.  Some scholarships are geared specifically for students pursuing a career in nursing, business, information technology, while others assist funding for certification in welding, and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC).

Monies were awarded from the following scholarships for the Fall 2022 Semester: Dr. W. Joseph Ferguson Memorial Scholarship, Hope-Tone Scholarship, Dr. Bill Bell Medical Education Scholarship, and the Ann Chelsey Edmunds Scholarship.

Congratulations to these recipients: Sherrita Clark, Ashley Clay, Bobbie Goodman, Anika Hess, Brendan McCready, Zachary Perkins, and Wendy Sanz-Moreno, Lamika Davis and Cody Keaton, Serenity Davis, Sandra Garrett, and Sidney Stone, Haley Edmunds and Ashley Tingen.

“To students everywhere in Southern Virginia, we wish you the best and much success from the Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation Board and staff,” said Fulton.

For more information about available scholarships and The Southern Virginia Higher Education Foundation check out their website at www.svhef.glerin.biz.  To support the SVHEF mission, or particular scholarship click the Donation link on the website.  Check out the Testimonial Page to read stories from scholarship recipients.  Also, like and follow the Foundation on multiple social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.  If you would like to contact The SVHEF Staff call 434-572-5448 or email svhefinfo@svhef.glerin.biz. #scholarships #highereducation #foundation